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Lotto Max Results And Winning Numbers For Friday March 7th 2014



Lott Max Results And Winning Numbers For Friday Jun 19th

[caption id="attachment_75278" align="aligncenter" width="270"]Lotto Max Results And Winning Numbers For March 7th 2014 Lotto Max Results And Winning Numbers For March 7th 2014[/caption]

8 Maxmillions were won yesterday - The March 14th draw will offer a $50 million jackpot and approximately 50 Maxmillions

Once again, there was no $50 million winner in last nights Lotto Max draw.

8 Maxmillions ($1 million each) were won in last night's Lotto Max draw thanks to selections sold in Quebec, in British Columbia, in the Prairies and in Ontario.

With Lotto Max, any amount over the $50 million jackpot is divided into $1 million prizes called Maxmillions. For each Maxmillions, an additional selection of 7 numbers between 1 and 49 is drawn. These selections are not decomposable and prizes may be shared by winners.

The Friday, March 14th draw will therefore offer total prizes worth about $100 million, including the $50 million jackpot and approximately 50 $1 million dollar prizes.

O-L-G’s annual payments to the province support health care, education, research, prevention and treatment of problem gambling.

Below are last nights numbers.

Fri, March 7, 2014 - Lotto Max

16716223133Bonus 25

Max Millions Numbers

Draw 11257202931
Draw 212715232940
Draw 3141224454849
Draw 4171127313335
Draw 51101626313336
Draw 61242729364248
Draw 723614204041
Draw 823911324349
Draw 924511162046
Draw 10251323254247
Draw 11271725294246
Draw 122132029323746
Draw 132192729364043
Draw 1437832373948
Draw 15381729333749
Draw 163233538414249
Draw 17461112212937
Draw 184121820243046
Draw 194131934354547
Draw 204162326323643
Draw 21572628293846
Draw 227152628343742
Draw 238111628293746
Draw 249111824373845
Draw 2510121622233942
Draw 2610131617183245
Draw 2710192126364547
Draw 2810213436394448
Draw 2912161824264243
Draw 3014212527293646

Extra Numbers

Atlantic TagQuebec ExtraOntario EncoreWestern ExtraBC Extra

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