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Dashcam Video of High Speed Crash in Ontario Goes Viral: VIDEO



Kenora, Northwestern Ontario - This small city of 15,000 people is a constant attention getter as it draws in tourists from all over the world during every season. Now, a dashcam video of what could have been a near fatal accident has gone viral, but it isn't likely to be featured at the Discover Center tourist office any time soon. The video was recorded from a pickup truck driven by Ralph and Ifka Ireland as they were heading home to Sioux Lookout, a roughly three hour journey over 235 kilometers.

From the video, the couple can be overheard listening to some music as they drove along the Highway 17. At that moment, another driver approaches a T-intersection adjoining the highway and drives out into the road carrying his trailer. According to Mr. Ireland, he did not have sufficient time to stop. That doesn't mean he didn't try and he attributes the small amount of momentum he was able to deflect with his brakes as having saved his life and Ifka's as well.

Mr. Ireland posted the video on Facebook where it has received 1,000 shares which officially qualifies it as having gone viral, but not in the same class of “viral” as a is experienced by fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. The man seen driving the green pickup truck which caused the accident has been charged by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) with failure to yield. The driver, age 36, is from Manitoba. OPP will use the Ireland video as part of their ongoing investigation.
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Kenora crash caught on video nets charges for Manitoba driver

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