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Girl With 160 IQ Is Now Smartest Teen In The UK



Girl With 160 IQ Is Now Smartest Teen In The UK

No (Blonde) Joke! Smartest Teen in UK is Girl With 160 IQ
[caption id="attachment_61995" align="alignright" width="300"] Girl With 160 IQ Is Now Smartest Teen In The UK Girl With 160 IQ Is Now Smartest Teen In The UK (photo credit Lauren Marbe Twitter)[/caption]

Lauren Marbe of Essex County, UK shocked her teachers and the world recently when she scored a 161 on a Mensa IQ test taken purely as a lark. Her score puts her above known genius Albert Einstein, and cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking in terms of raw IQ score by a single point.

This is one blonde who clearly defies the classic "dizzy" stereotype applied to fair-haired women everywhere. Lauren is the daughter of a taxi driver and dreams of entering show business as a career someday.

Lauren presently attends Roding Valley High School in Loughton but hasn't yet told her friends about her amazing score, reports the Daily Mail.

She said: "I really enjoy science and doing experiments, but I also love acting and dancing and playing musical instruments.

"I do theatre workshops and loads of sports like swimming and I really enjoy creative subjects.

"But my favourite subject is biology and I want to be a vet when I’m older because I love animals and I don’t mind blood and things like that.’ Victoria’s parents, who live in Claverley, near Wolverhampton, and run a health and safety consultancy, said they had always known their daughter was bright, but had not quite realised she was at genius level.

Her mother, Alison, 44, is over-the-moon for her gifted daughter. "When she was at nursery she had the reading ability of a child twice her age and she won science awards at school," Mrs Cowie added.

"We always knew she was clever – she was always in the top sets and her teachers always praised her – but we never quite thought she’d be in Mensa.

"She’s just a normal child to us. She likes acting, dancing and singing and she’s not the kind to always have her head stuck in a book."

She sat for the Mensa-accredited examination earlier this month alongside some of her schoolmates.

According to a story in The London Telegraph, British Mensa Executive, John Stevenage was asked to comment on the development and he responded as follows: 'Lauren Marbe achieved a score in the top two percent on a Mensa IQ test making her eligible to join Mensa.”

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