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Muggers No Match For Fish And Chips Wielding Martial Arts Hero



[caption id="attachment_62080" align="alignright" width="300"]Muggers No Match For Fish And Chips Wielding Martial Arts Hero Muggers No Match For Fish And Chips Wielding Martial Arts Hero[/caption]English Man fights off Four Muggers without dropping Fish and Chips

English pub landlord John Wood fought off four muggers as he left a fish and chip takeaway without dropping the dinner he had just bought for himself and his fiancee.

According to the Daily Mail, the attack occurred in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire after Wood, 37 bought the takeaway food and was confronted as he left the store; the muggers demanded his cell phone and wallet, Wood told the four men they would have to take the items from him.

As the four muggers lunged at him the landlord of the Marshland Arms, located just outside Wisbech remembered his limited teenage Akido training and fought off the attackers.

He said: 'I only did aikido for a couple of years but it all comes back to you very quickly when you need it most.

'The men stopped me and demanded my phone and wallet. I told them that if they wanted it they'd have to come and get it.

'They all came at me at once, I kicked two of them in the leg.

'I used to do a little bit of aikido and I remembered to go for the knees. They fell to the floor and couldn't get up.

During the attack one of the muggers stabbed Wood with a sharpened screwdriver, which Wood took from the attacker before coolly driving back to the home of his fiancee.

'As I did that another clipped me in the face.

'I turned around and hit him and he fell. I turned around again and the other one came at me with what I thought was a knife.

'He just lunged and I felt a sharp twang in my side. I grabbed his hands so he couldn't bring it out and stab again.

'I pulled it out myself, disarmed him and then hit him. I think he was knocked out.

When the wound in his stomach would not stop bleeding Wood went to Kings Lynn's Queen Elizabeth Hospital and received 18 internal and external stitches.

Mr Wood said: 'The screwdriver deflected off my ribs apparently, it was a millimetre away from going into my lung.

If it had gone through that it would have hit my liver, I was very lucky.

'If it had been a couple of inches over it could have been me lying in the alleyway.

'I dread to think what would have happened if it was somebody else in that situation.

Local Police said that they are investigating the incident.

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Man who fought off four muggers who stabbed him with a screwdriver outside takeaway... and didn't even drop his chips

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