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Piglet In Wheelchair Becomes Internet Sensation (VIDEO)



[caption id="attachment_62225" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Piglet In Wheelchair Becomes Internet Sensation Piglet In Wheelchair Becomes Internet Sensation[/caption]

Vet Builds Wheelchair for Disabled Piglet

A disabled month-old piglet born in Florida faced a pretty bleak future without being able to use his back legs. But a creative veterinarian has built the small creature a wheelchair using assorted parts from children's toys.

Ken Lucero, who operates an animal hospital in Clermont, Florida, offered to have the piglet live on his own farm after his owner thought he might have to euthanize him due to his congenital condition.

Lucero named the animal Chris P Bacon and videotaped the piglet's learning curve when outfitted with his new back legs.

The video has since become one of the most widely seen videos on the Internet. Lucero has already built a second wheelchair to accommodate Chris' rapid growth, but the vet says he is very happy that the animal is not only healthy but has learned to adapt to using the wheelchair.

Lucero reports that he and his pig have been invited by a national talk show host to appear on TV.

"He gave a lot of snorts and grunts, and people just ate it up," said Bacon's owner, Dr. Len Lucero of Eastside Veterinary Hospital on State Road 50 in Clermont.

One YouTube user wrote: “I love that little piggy.. he is so cute.”

Another commented: “Wow this is amazing. What a beautiful sight for sore eyes.

“Your kindness in helping this lil’ guy is wonderful.”

Chris P. has launched a website, Facebook page, and a Pinterest page.


The celebrity pig has become accustomed to the limelight and tweets his fans several times a day, wishing his 1,250 followers a 'Happy Voinkentines day' and exclaiming 'Next, it will be the pigarazzi following me! OOL! #sqwheel'.
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Chris P Bacon, the piglet in a wheelchair, become YouTube sensation

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