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36 Chihuahuas Seized From Hoarders Home



36 Chihuahuas Seized From Hoarders Home

[caption id="attachment_63220" align="aligncenter" width="454"]36 Chihuahuas Seized From Hoarders Home 36 Chihuahuas Seized From Hoarders Home (photo courtesy Danielle deLeon)[/caption]36 Chihuahuas Seized

In a scene straight out of one of those reality shows that makes you shake your head in disbelief (or a certain Disney cartoon movie), 36 Chihuahuas were seized from 2 homes in Santa Cruz, California.

According to the Huffington Post, one very annoyed landlord called in the cavalry and eleven of these adorable bug eyed creatures were found in an apartment. The police then went to a relative's house and found 25 more! Authorities are trying to figure out whether animal neglect occurred.

It is believed that these dogs were being hoarded and allowed to breed with wanton abandon. In total there were 16 puppies and 20 grown chihuahuas removed from the homes.

Todd Stosuy, the animal shelter’s field services manager, said “It’s a hoarding case first because not only were animals being hoarded, but also objects and possessions.”

Along with hoarding, they were also considered breeding situations, because, Stosuy explained, “The dogs were indiscriminately breeding in the house.” Of the 36 Chihuahuas seized from the homes, 16 of them were puppies. Eleven were taken from an apartment, while 25 were taken from a home. Stosuy added that it “looks like there were three separate litters.”

The pooches are being held at two shelter locations, soon they will be taken to foster homes. The shelter is currently looking for people who can adopt the poor pooches and give thema permanent home. Anybody in the market for some puppy love?

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36 Chihuahuas Seized From Two California Homes

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