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Man Tweets Sex Toy Accident on Twitter (PHOTO)



[caption id="attachment_63338" align="aligncenter" width="600"]man tweets sex toy Mishap on Twitter man tweets sex toy Mishap on Twitter [/caption]Intimate Accident A Hit On Twitter

In this age of instant communication, even our most embarrassing moments can be shared with the world. A teenager, doing some self-exploration, apparently unaware of the rule about using wide based implements during anal play, got a vibrator stuck in his rectum.

According to his live tweets, when he couldn’t get said object to pass on it’s own, he woke his father up for a trip to the ER. While waiting for the removal of the still vibrating toy, the patient sent several updates, including a picture of his x-ray.

The young man, “televised snowmang”, as he goes by on Twitter, reports no pain after being sedated and having it extracted, even though it was on the entire time. The whole ordeal lasted somewhere around seven hours, given the time stamps on his tweets. According to Twitter, the user gained thousands of new followers due to the incident.

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