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Jet goes off tarmac, no injuries



Jet goes off tarmac, no injuries

[caption id="attachment_63353" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Jet goes off tarmac, no injuries Jet goes off tarmac, no injuries[/caption]Delta Airlines jet stuck on grassy verge at Houston's William P. Hobby Airport

A Delta Airlines jet became stuck on the grass at the side of a runway at the William P. Hobby Airport in Houston on Monday after something went wrong prior to departure.

Airport officials say the Delta Airlines jet was on its way to Atlanta when, as it taxied down the runway gathering speed prior to take-off, the plane was suddenly seen to veer to one side forcing it partially off the runway and onto a grassy verge. As of yet, they say they're not sure what happened but that an investigation is on-going.

Dallas-Fort Worth's WFAA, however, is reporting a passenger saying the pilot had told them the incident had been caused by a a faulty gear mechanism.

Fortunately, none of the more than 70 passengers and crew were injured and all were soon transported from the plane back to the airport terminal via shuttle bus. Most were airborne and on their way to Atlanta on a different flight within a few hours, with no reported ill-effects other than mild shock.

Not The First Jet To Go Off The Tarmac

In November of 2012, passengers on board a Southwest Airlines jet that slid off a frozen runway at Denver International Airport say they are lucky to be alive after the plane terrifyingly lost control in the last seconds of landing.

Fire fighters and emergency personnel rushed to the scene with crews heard hastily warning rescue workers over radio waves of an airliner crash.

'This is not a drill. Rescue One this is not a drill. Respond to the air force on an airliner crash,' communication obtained by KUSA is heard calling.

No injuries were reported among the 125 passengers on board Flight 1905 arriving from Metropolitan Oakland International in California.

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