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‘Hot for Teacher’ lawsuit: Suspended Student In Claims Civil Rights Violation



'Hot for Teacher' lawsuit: Suspended Student In Claims Civil Rights Violation

[caption id="attachment_63590" align="aligncenter" width="335"]'Hot for Teacher' lawsuit: Suspended Student In Claims Civil Rights Violation 'Hot for Teacher' lawsuit: Suspended Student In Claims Civil Rights Violation[/caption]'Hot Teacher' Student Plans to Files Lawsuit

Joseph Corlett has filed an appeal to get reinstated back in Oakland University in Michigan following his suspension over his "hot teacher" journal entry for a writing class. Corlett, age 56, was working on a degree in writing this past fall when he took an advanced English course from Pamela Mitzelfeld.

Professor Mitzelfeld assigned students the task of writing creative comments in a journal.

Corlett then claims he took inspiration from an old Van Halen song "Hot for Teacher" and made the following entry into his journal where he described his instructor as being "tall, blonde, stacked, smart, articulate".

Professor Mitzelfeld was offended by the journal entry and viewed the remark as sexual harassment.

Her complaint to the University led to Corlett being suspended this past January for a period of three semesters with a requirement of psychological counseling as a prerequisite to being readmitted.

Corlett countered that his remark was fully within the limits of what the instructor outlined and that the university is infringing on his free speech. Corlett is currently appealing the university's decision to suspend him and if his appeal is denied he will file a lawsuit.

He says he repeatedly asked the instructor if there were any restrictions to the journal entries and she always affirmed there were none.

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