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£10,000 Easter Egg Stolen From Glasgow City Center



[caption id="attachment_63659" align="aligncenter" width="624"]£10,000 Easter Egg Stolen From Glasgow City Center £10,000 Easter Egg Stolen From Glasgow City Center[/caption]Giant £10,000 Charity Egg Goes Missing from Glasgow City Center

Welsh Graphic Designer Matthew Dent, who rose to prominence by designing the reverse side of several pound sterling coins, created a special egg called "A Thousand Forests" for charity.

According to the BBC, the egg stood at two feet in height and was one of a hundred special eggs placed around the city of Glasgow.

Other artists contributed unique designs to various eggs. The eggs were contributed on behalf of the charity group "Action for Children" which performs 75 services for children throughout Scotland. Sadly, an unknown person or persons have stolen the prize egg made by Matthew Dent. The street value of the egg is placed at £10,000.

Andrew Harris, director of Fundraising at Action for Children, tells METRO: ‘The hunt is a really fun way for families, locals and tourists alike to enjoy the age-old Easter egg hunt tradition – on a huge scale and as a giant exhibition of modern art – whilst raising vital funds for some of the most vulnerable children across Scotland and the UK.

‘We appeal to whoever poached our egg to return it to us soon.’

Last year, two eggs were taken but later returned. Charity event organizers are hoping the same thing will occur this year. However, the event's charity director has made a special appeal for the egg's return saying, "We appeal to whoever poached our egg to return it to us."

The remaining collection of eggs will be returned to Covent Garden for the Easter celebration.

Charity egg goes missing from Glasgow city centre

Egg hunt underway after ornament worth £10,000 stolen from Glasgow charity event

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