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Bus Driver Kicks Autistic Girl Off Bus In Shocking VIDEO



Bus Driver Kicks Autistic Girl Off Bus In Shocking VIDEO

[caption id="attachment_63938" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Bus Driver Kicks Autistic Girl Off Bus In Shocking VIDEO Bus Driver Kicks Autistic Girl Off Bus In Shocking VIDEO[/caption]Video of Driver Who Kicked Girl Off Bus Released

A video showing a 41-year-old Tampa, Florida school bus driver kicking an autistic girl last fall was released by the prosecutor's office on Wednesday, creating an Internet stir with fiery opinions. The driver, Stephanie Wilkerson, has been charged with aggravated child abuse in the incident, which resulted in the girl suffering a fractured ankle.

The situation began September 28, 2012 when the unindentified girl, eight, wanted to exit the school bus before her turn. After being asked to wait by Wilkerson, the girl became angry, and began pushing and slapping the driver. The video showed Wilkerson placing her foot in the girl's back and pushing her down the stairs of the bus. After landing, the girl did not get up until another adult assisted her. Soon after, it was discovered the girl had a broken bone in her ankle.

Witnesses claimed that Wilkerson said, "I'd buy a belt if she were mine. She would not hit adults ever again." She was arrested in late October and pled not guilty to the charge of aggravated child abuse.

The school district has stated that the incident was isolated, but people critical of the Wilkerson altercation have pointed out two other cases of badly trained personnel. In one instance, a Down Syndrome child left the school building and was found drowned in a pond. In another, a girl choked to death in her improperly positioned wheelchair.

Wilkerson worked as a Hillsborough School District bus driver for four years before being fired in January.

Shocking video shows female driver kicking 8-year-old autistic girl with her foot off a school bus and breaking her ankle

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