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Frozen Baby Mom: Woman Given 50 Years For Unspeakable Cruelty



[caption id="attachment_64585" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Frozen Baby Mom:  Illinois Mother Gets 50 Years For Unthinkable Cruelty Frozen Baby Mom: Illinois Mother Gets 50 Years For Unthinkable Cruelty [/caption]Frozen Baby Mom

Katie Stockton of Illinois was sentenced to serve 50 years in prison following the death of her newborn daughter in 2004. According to reports, the 32-year-old mother placed the child in a plastic bag and left the newborn alongside the road.

The birth of her daughter had taken place in secret on December 17, 2004. Following directly after the birth she then placed the newborn into a plastic bag, which was Halloween-themed, then placed the bag inside of a garbage bag. She left the bagged infant just under 100 feet away from her parents’ home, according to the local reports.

The infant was believed to have either froze to death or suffocated.

A currently still open investigation into two additionally bagged infant skeletal remains has also been reported.

It has yet to be determined if the two additional babies were born alive. According to the local reports, in 2009, police retrieved a cigarette butt Stockton had tossed away and used that to match her DNA to Baby Crystal as the girl had been nicknamed. Stockton was arrested. A subsequent search of her car produced the remains of two other infants who Stockton similarly allowed to perish.

The Huffington Post writes:

After her arrest, investigators discovered her car had been sitting in an impound lot for a year and searched it for more clues. That's when they found the skeletal remains of two other infants wrapped in cloth and stuffed in separate plastic bags and buried beneath a spare tire, chain saw and tire iron.

Forensic pathologists could not determine how the infant girls found in the trunk died or whether they were born alive.

Katie Stockton has since pleaded guilty for the murder of her newborn infant and has yet to be formally charged with the second ongoing investigation.

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