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Newlywed discovers husband was already married



Man caught in two marriages when wives use Facebook

A Melbourne woman was recently discovered her newly wedded husband was already married. The discovery was made after she received a message on Facebook from the first wife. During the civil ceremony that united this man with his second wife, he was asked to produce evidence that he had divorced his first wife. He told the court that the first marriage had not been legally binding, so there was no need for a divorce.

A short time after the ceremony the first Mrs. Keyet contacted the new Mrs. Keyet with a Facebook message asking how the second wife could be married if the first marriage had never been dissolved. After searching for the divorce records, the second wife became convinced that she had been deceived.

The lie told by her new husband, lead to a separation and eventually to a court case requesting the annulment of the marriage. Mr. Keyet failed to show up for the court case, sending only a text message in his absence. The text message read "I think I've put you through enough hurt."

The marriage was officially annulled by Justice Kirsty Macmillan. The local police are considering pressing bigamy charges against the man.


Woman finds out her husband has another wife after changing status on Facebook


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