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lana leigh Bailey May Already Be Dead: Police



[caption id="attachment_65867" align="aligncenter" width="640"]lana leigh Bailey May Already Be Dead: Police lana leigh Bailey May Already Be Dead: Police[/caption]Cops Fear Toddler Missing After Farm Massacre Is Dead

Although police in Eastern Kansas have arrested a former convicted felon in the murder of three people found on a farm near the town of Ottawa, officials do not hold out much hope that an 18-month old girl who is still missing will be found alive. The toddler's mother, Kaylie Bailey, was found earlier this week after her body was discovered hidden in the garage of a farm, along with the bodies of two other men who lived there, but with no sign of her daughter Lana.

Although Lana's body has not been found, a chief investigator on the case said that the child has been "presumed dead". No causes of death have been released for her mother or the other two murder victims because of the ongoing investigation.

Police officials were quick to assure the public that their efforts to find and recover Lana Bailey were ongoing and that they were tracking down any and every lead provided by the public which might help them discover the girl alive. The FBI has joined in the search for the missing girl using helicopters as well as surveillance planes. Police are also investigating what may have prompted Bailey and the others to be targeted for murder.

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