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Man Tries To Shoot off Wedding Ring, yes he was drunk



Man Tries To Shoot off Wedding Ring, yes he was drunk

[caption id="attachment_65916" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Man Tries To Shoot off Wedding Ring, yes he was drunk Man Tries To Shoot off Wedding Ring, yes he was drunk[/caption]In Drunken Fit, Man Shots Tries to Remove Wedding Ring by Shooting It

Pittsburgh, PA - Alfredo Malespini, age 31, has been charged by police for shooting his firearm at his own hand during a domestic dispute with his wife.

Apparently, Malespini, a federal prison guard, intended to remove this wedding ring, but was unable to do it. He had been drunk at the time, and likely saw shooting the ring off his finger as a plausible way to achieve his objective, reports the Huff Post.

It wouldn't be the first time someone has arrived at implausible conclusions while intoxicated.

At the time he was charged, there was no official word on whether the incident would jeopardize his employment with the Federal Correctional Institution-McKean in Bradford.

He was taken to UPMC Hamot hospital for treatment of his finger which was said to be 'mangled' following the shooting. He was also being treated for possible 'mental' and 'emotional' issues. The cause of the most recent domestic dispute was an affair he had months earlier.

Local police admit they have been to his residence twice before for disputes, but never charged anyone.

Malespini was charged with three counts of misdemeanors the most severe being second-degree reckless endangerment for the gunshot which certainly put other people at risk.

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Man tries to shoot off wedding ring: Alfredo Malespini, Prison Guard, Allegedly Tries To 'Shoot Off' Wedding Ring, Mangles Finger

Man Shoots Off Wedding Ring

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