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Wife Douses Husband With Beer At Ball Game



Wife Douses Husband With Beer At Ball Game

[caption id="attachment_66188" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Wife Douses Husband With Beer At Ball Game Wife Douses Husband With Beer At Ball Game[/caption]Husband Treated to Beer Bath From Wife at Cubs Stadium

Emotions were running high for a husband and wife attending a recent Chicago Cubs game after the husband accidentally spilled beer on his spouse. The Cubs were in a 2-0 leading position when the unidentified man moved closer to his wife during the fifth inning either to protect her from getting hit by an oncoming ball or to catch the souvenir himself, spilling some of his brew on her in the process. The outraged wife immediately took her full cup of beer and unceremoniously dumped it over her husband's head.

Luckily, her husband did not retaliate by dumping the rest of his beverage onto his angry spouse, seen later in a video that went viral as laughing about the situation, either because she was feeling that revenge was sweet or she realized that she completely overreacted to hubby's accidental spill that occurred without any malice on his part.

The action on the ball field wasn't much better as the Chicago Cubs battled the New York Mets.

The Mets ultimately triumphed over the Cubs with a 4-3 win, but it was the battling beer bath couple that most fans will remember about this particular game rather than the final Mets Cub score.

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