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homeless Teen Becomes Class Valedictorian



homeless teen valedictorian

[caption id="attachment_66388" align="aligncenter" width="628"]homeless teen valedictorian homeless teen valedictorian[/caption]Homeless Atlanta Teen Graduates as Valedictorian

Not having a permanent roof over her head has never deterred student Chelsea Fearce from working hard to achieve top grades at school.

And now the homeless teenager who attends Charles Drew High School in the Atlanta area has graduated as her class valedictorian. Throughout her high school days, Fearce recounts that her family, which includes four other siblings, often had to get by with only one meal a day. At times, they were able to crash at area homeless shelters but during more desperate times, Fearce recalls having to sleep in their automobile.

She even had to use the light from her cellphone in order to study late into the evening when shelter rules required lights out.

Fearce said she kept encouraging herself to study hard and do well on her grades so that her future would be much brighter than having to sleep on floormats and worry about where to find the next meal. Her hard work paid off, as she earned an impressive 1900 score on her college SAT exams and graduated with a 4.466 GPA. Fearce has been accepted to Spelman College and will enroll next semester as a full time student in the pre-med, biology program.

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homeless teen valedictorian: Homeless 17-year-old graduates high school as valedictorian

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