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Pictured: Honda 4×4 crashes into side of house



Car Crashes Through Living Room Wall (PICTURES)

[caption id="attachment_66649" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Car Crashes Through Living Room Wall (PICTURES) Car Crashes Through Living Room Wall (PICTURES)[/caption]Driver Crashes Honda 4x4 Into Couple's Living Room

Passers-by in Sutton were treated to a strange sight at the home of Chris and Laura Simpson. The rear end of a Honda 4x4 was protruding from a nearly perfectly shaped square hole in the brick wall at one side of the couple's home. An unidentified female driver who lost control of her automobile managed to smash her vehicle through the brick wall and into the Simpson's house, where the Honda got lodged halfway in and halfway out. Luckily, the Simpsons were out running errands at the time and were not at home when the accident occurred.

The driver of the vehicle sustained injuries but from police reports, none was very serious. Police managed to call 32-year old Chris Simpson on his cell phone to report what had happened and when he arrived back at his house, he noted that the accident scene was actually as he had envisioned it. There has been no word as to what caused the driver to lose control of the Honda or if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and would be criminally charged in the incident. There has also been no further comment from the Simpsons as to how they would pay to repair the giant hole in their living room wall.

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