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Megan Welter: Cheerleader charged with alleged assault



Megan Welter: Cheerleader charged with alleged assault

[caption id="attachment_68468" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Megan Welter: Cheerleader  charged with alleged assault Megan Welter: Cheerleader charged with alleged assault[/caption]Arizona Cheerleader Trades Pom-Poms For Handcuffs After Assault on Boyfriend

Arizona Cardinals cheerleader and Iraq War veteran Megan Welter has been charged with assault following her July 20 arrest for beating up her boyfriend.

The incident began innocently as Welter and her boyfriend of six months went to a Scottsdale bar to celebrate her 29th birthday. After heading home, the evening quickly disintegrated when Welter's boyfriend received a text from an ex in the middle of the night. An argument quickly elevated from there as it is said that Welter threw her boyfriend's belongings on the patio and cut up his ID. Welter claims that her boyfriend threw her on the concrete and choked her before she hit, scratched and pulled her beau's hair in retaliation.

The as of yet unidentified boyfriend denies any violence on his part and showed police officers a video he recorded of the attack on his cell phone, which depicts only Welter's assault. Officers failed to find any evidence of strangulation on Welter and the cheerleader is also said to be having trouble keeping things straight as she flip-flops in giving the timetable of events during the assault.

It is unclear if Welter has a lawyer at this point, but with evidence stacking up against her she may have to trade Cardinals' red for prison orange.

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