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Lion Air Jets Hits Cow On Landing In Indonesia



[caption id="attachment_68616" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Lion Air Jets Hits Cow On Landing In Indonesia Lion Air Jets Hits Cow On Landing In Indonesia[/caption]Plane Suffers Minor Damage After Hitting a Cow While Landing

Indonesia, having more than 17 thousand islands, relies heavily on air transportation to get people around the islands. What happens when cows wander on to the run way? While a Lion Air jet hit a cow upon landing on Tuesday night, none of it's 117 passengers and crew members were injured.

A Boeing 737-800 made it's initial descent in to Jalaluddin airport in Gorontalo on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. Three bovine guests where there unexpectedly to greet the plane. Upon landing, the plane hit one of these cows, and skidded off the runway.

110 passengers were aboard this jet liner, as well as it's seven crew members. None aboard were injured. The plane sustained little damage as well. The cow was not so lucky. Pictures show the cow crushed under the wheels of the plane. After skidding off to the side of the runway, all passengers where able to leave the plane safely and return to their travels.

The airport closed for the day, and then reopened for landings Wednesday morning, causing delays for many travelers do to cancelled flights on the holiday weekend. This incident is not the only to occur in Indonesia, and is currently under investigation.

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Lion Air jet hits cow after landing

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