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german man blows up mattress then blows up house in diepholz



[caption id="attachment_69260" align="aligncenter" width="500"]german man blows up mattress then blows up house in diepholz german man blows up mattress then blows up house in diepholz[/caption]Man Blows Up His Rental Home While Trying to Blow Up Mattress

A 41-year old German man who was trying to save a few dollars by fixing his own inflatable mattress now has to worry about footing a €150,000 bill for damages caused when his mattress exploded.

The man's name has not been released to the public, but the details surrounding why he was trying to inflate his mattress and what caused the explosion have been.

The man's mattress was going flat, so he thought he would repair it instead of purchasing a brand new one. Armed with an industrial strength puncture sealer spray, the kind normally used on tires, he tried to fix it.

After attempting to fix his mattress, the air pump that was built in to the mattress reacted poorly with the tire sealant. Experts are stating that it was a fatal reaction with the gas contained in the sealant that sparked this volatile reaction.

The man escaped relatively unharmed. When taken to the hospital, he only had a few minor cuts and a hurt wrist to worry about.

Police are saying that the man was lucky to escape with as few injuries as he did, which is a sensible thing to think considering that every bit of glass in the man's rental home was shattered.

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