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Cooking in the dishwasher: Yep That’s A Thing



[caption id="attachment_69431" align="aligncenter" width="935"]Cooking in the dishwasher: Yep That's A Thing Cooking in the dishwasher: Yep That's A Thing[/caption]Cooking in the dishwasher craze


Inventor of the dishwasher, Josephine Cochrane probably didn't intend for her 1886 invention to one day be used for cooking meals; but it is becoming an increasingly popular technique.

From appetizers to desserts, using a dishwasher as a method of cooking is showing surprising results. Author of Cucinare in Lavastoviglie, Lisa Casali believes that the trend is only beginning. "It's creative, healthy and great for novices in the kitchen," she noted in an excerpt from her book.

As long as the food is sealed in an air tight container or bag, it won't be touched by the dishwasher tablets or any other particles. Casali said that this method of cooking is environmentally aware, because you can cook your food and clean your dishes simultaneously.

According to an interview she held with Fine Dining Lovers, cooking in the dishwasher allows you to "save time, resources, and use 60% less fat than normally used." She continued to add that it "allows for greater flexibility: a minute of cooking in a pan corresponds to at least half an hour of cooking at low temperatures."

Casali is a pioneer food writer and a strong advocate for dishwashing cuisine. She has published a total of three books; including her latest that was published in June of 2012, "Ecocucina".

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