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Wang Ming had 6-inch parasite in his head



Wang Ming 6-inch parasite

[caption id="attachment_69467" align="aligncenter" width="635"]Wang Ming 6-inch parasite Wang Ming 6-inch parasite
[/caption]Man Suffering Migraines Discovers Root Cause is Six Inch Parasite Inside His Head

Chengdu, China - 60-year-old Wang Ming of this sprawling metropolis of 14 million people has doctors to thank for a new lease on life. For the past year, Mr. Ming has been suffering from terrible headaches which including fainting and at times convulsions.

Ming went to the hospital to undergo observation when physicians discovered what the believed to be the root cause of his suffering: a six inch parasite growing inside his head. Obviously, the parasite had to come out and it was determined that surgery was the means of accomplishing that.

The surgery lasted three hours and was conducted at the First People's Hospital in his county of residence. Dr. Wang Biao, the hospital's Director of Neurosurgery, explained to reporters that he has never encountered this type of parasite in his decade long practice.

Doctors believe that Ming contracted the parasite from eating undercooked seafood. Dr. Biao went on to explain that common seafood dishes such as frog and eel actually contain lots of different parasites and if their flesh isn't properly cooked then some of those organisms may survive inside the human body. The parasite which afflicted Mr. Ming was burrowed just inside his skull.

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