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UFO Sighting In Scotland, Kinda



Scottish Surprised by UFO-Shaped Cloud

[caption id="attachment_69595" align="aligncenter" width="623"]Scottish Surprised by UFO-Shaped Cloud Scottish Surprised by UFO-Shaped Cloud
[/caption]Scottish Surprised by UFO-Shaped Cloud

Aberdeen, Scotland - residents in the third largest city of Scotland got a treat earlier this week when a UFO-shaped cloud formed over this port city of 220,000 residents. Photographs of the Altocumuls cloud truly do appear to be shaped in circular fashion complete with rings of decreasing diameter which gave the appearance of a flying object.

Residents took to social networking to post their pictures of the one of a kind sight with pithy captions such as "Beam me up, Scotty!" A local meteorologist believes the unique cloud, which is classified as being a lenticular cloud due to its shape, may have formed over the Scottish Highlands known as the Cairngorms.

As it turns out, lenticular clouds are not at all uncommon and stunning photographs have been taken of these clouds as far as the Congo in Africa and throughout many parts of the United States.

The name "lenticular" stems from the shape of the clouds resembling a lens. It is believed that some UFO sightings which have been reported were likely nothing more than lenticular clouds which can sometimes look very symmetrical. However, those explanations have not satisfied the minds of UFO believers around the world.

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