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Painting Bought for $50 At Auction Actually Worth $388,000



Painting bought for 50 at auction worth 388,000

[caption id="attachment_69755" align="aligncenter" width="628"]Painting bought for 50 at auction worth 388,000 Painting bought for 50 at auction worth 388,000[/caption]John Constable Painting Purchased for $50 is Worth Nearly $400,000

London, England - the English romantic painter known as John Constable died back in 1837 and is best known for the works of art entitled "Dedham Vale" and "The Hay Wain" which were made in 1802 and 1821 respectively.

Well, it turns out that Constable had a little known painting no more than the size of a postcard which depicted a scene of a man working at a homestead against fluffy clouds, a blue sky, trees and rolling hills in the summertime. The small painting was included in a box of small ornate jewelry which the retired surgeon Robin Darvell purchased for the sum of $50 back in 2003.

At the time of purchase, Darvell believed he spotted a familiar signature on the painting which is what prompted him to purchase the box of trinkets. Now, fast forward to 2013, Darvell's 45-year-old son has Curtis Dowling of the show "Treasure Detectives" examine the painting. Dowling confirmed it is a legitimate John Constable painting with an estimated value of $388,000.

During the time of Robin Darvell's purchase of the painting, it remained in his dresser along with other clothes and items. Doubtless, the painting will now be insured and secured due to its high value.

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