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Mugging victim walks 800 miles to get home In Japan



Mugging victim walks 800 miles to get home In Japan

Japanese Man Walks 800 Miles After Mugging

A man attending a card playing convention in southern Japan decided to walk 800 miles to get back home after a gang of men stole his wallet and cell phone.

The unidentified 25 year old man explained that he didn't want to ask the police for help or contact one of his family members because he thought it would be a tremendous inconvenience. So he decided to set out on foot from Kitakyushu after getting mugged and walked the 800 miles to his home in Sendai.

Luckily, he had hidden some emergency money in his shoe which the muggers failed to discover when they accosted him on the street. He used these funds to purchase meals along the way.

"I used the money I had hidden in my shoe to buy bread and water to fight off the hunger," the man said.

"It was good to be able to get home, but I did not want to cause any problems for anyone," he said. "I'm sorry to everyone that I inconvenienced."

The young man's mother became alarmed when he did not return home on his scheduled flight as planned and she contacted the police to be on the lookout for him.

"I was shocked and thought I was seeing a ghost when he arrived," she told the Yomiuri newspaper. "I'm just thrilled that he is back and I'm very sorry to everyone who was worried about him."

Both mother and son were thrilled to be reunited and glad that he didn't lose his life in the mugging incident.

His mother tried to look on the bright side of the mugging, saying that her son was able to achieve a nice tan from his long walk and was still in possession of a rare card he obtained at the convention.
[caption id="attachment_69869" align="aligncenter" width="540"]Mugging victim walks 800 miles to get home In Japan Mugging victim walks 800 miles to get home In Japan[/caption]

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