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Ethopian Farmer Oldest Man In The World? Claims To be 160-Years-Old



[caption id="attachment_70040" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Ethiopian farmer Dhaqabo Ebba claims to be a staggering 160 years old, which would make him the world's oldest living man. However, there is no birth certificate to prove his age Ethiopian farmer Dhaqabo Ebba claims to be a staggering 160 years old, which would make him the world's oldest living man. However, there is no birth certificate to prove his age[/caption]

Ethiopian Farmer Claims to be 160 Years Old

Dhaqabo Ebba of Ethiopia claims to have vivid memories of the Italian army invading his impoverished nation. However, he's not referring to what historians call the Second Italo-Ethiopian War during the fascist era of 1930s. Instead, Ebba is referring to the First Italo-Ethiopian War from 1895 to 1896. That war was a proxy war with Italy invading the North African nation and Russia & France providing weapons and military officers to aid the Ethiopian army.

Ebba claims to recall that first invasion with crystal clarity and he's not talking about a prior life either. The retired farmer claims to be 160 years old, but we may have to take him at his word since he has no birth certificate. Ebba's vivid recollections of his surrounding neighborhood and country from the 1890s were so impressive that he overcame the doubts of the reporter who interviewed him for Oromiya TV.

To date, the oldest man on record lived to the age of 114 which makes Ebba 46 years older than him. Currently, the oldest living person on record was Jeanne Calment of France who lived to age 122 and whose eyes seemed to have faded away entirely from age. Ebba on the other hand would be the picture of remarkable health as he looks like a man in his early nineties, but will take medical confirmation to establish his age.

Ten verified oldest people living

RankNameSexBirth dateAge as of 19 April 2013Place of residence
1Jiroemon Kimura[4]M19 April 1897116 years, 0 daysJapan
2Misao Okawa[4]F5 March 1898115 years, 45 daysJapan
3Jeralean Talley[4]F23 May 1899113 years, 331 daysUnited States
4Susannah Mushatt Jones[4]F6 July 1899113 years, 287 daysUnited States
5Bernice Madigan[4]F24 July 1899113 years, 269 daysUnited States
6Soledad Mexia[4]F13 August 1899113 years, 249 daysUnited States[a]
7Evelyn Kozak[4]F14 August 1899113 years, 248 daysUnited States
8Mitsue Nagasaki[4]F18 September 1899113 years, 213 daysJapan
9Emma Morano-Martinuzzi[4]F29 November 1899113 years, 141 daysItaly
10Grace Jones[4]F7 December 1899113 years, 133 daysUnited Kingdom

a^ Mexia is a native of Mexico.

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