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Singapore’s Cheeky Bum-Shaped Mooncakes Moon You As You Eat Them



Cheeky Bum-Shaped Mooncakes Moon You As You Eat Them

[caption id="attachment_70494" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Cheeky Bum-Shaped Mooncakes Moon You As You Eat Them Cheeky Bum-Shaped Mooncakes Moon You As You Eat Them[/caption]Singapore Celebrates Full Moon with Bum-Shapped Cakes

It is time for the annual autumn festival in Singapore and a Hong Kong baker has found an interesting way to celebrate the "full moon" and that is selling cakes in the shape of a human buttocks.

The bootylicious cakes come in an assortment of shapes such as a nice round bottom & thong underwear. Another rotund cake features a hand gleefully taking hold of a rotund bottom.

As it turns out, a "full moon" has the same colloquial connotation in Cantonese as it does in the United States. The baker, Goods of Desire (GOD) is simply trying to be cheeky with their mooncakes. Those interested will pay a premium for the attractive looking cakes as they cost 56 Singapore dollars per dozen which is roughly £26.

Mooncakes are a traditional snack during the autumn festival in both Singapore and China. The celebrations will kick off tomorrow, September 19th. There's no word yet on whether the mooncakes can be ordered online or if orders for the specialty item has been popular with restaurants in Singapore. Neither has the GOD Company come up with any of a myriad of catchy slogans they could devise to promote the sale of this most unique mooncake.

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Cheeky Bum-Shaped Mooncakes Moon You As You Eat Them

Buttock-shaped moon cakes cause stir in Singapore

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