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Buyer loses $6.7m lottery ticket in shop



Spanish Search for Lotto Winner Who Dropped Ticket in Store

La Coruna, Spain - in this northern Spanish port city on the Celtic Sea across from Ireland, a lucky person purchased a lottery ticket that won 4.7 million euros ($6.7 million). However, the buyer apparently had the proverbial butter fingers as the ticket was dropped in the store it was purchased in.

The winning ticket was declared on June 30, 2012, but no one has been able to find the rightful owner. Spain currently has one of Europe's highest rates of unemployment at 27%. That's better than one in four Spanish who are unemployed. The metric is not only well within the margin of an economic depression, but it worse when factoring the underemployed and the pay cuts those lucky enough to find new employment have accepted.

That makes the lottery prize all the more valuable to the person who won it. If ever he or she could be found, they would be an instant millionaire. The lottery ticket has been officially placed in the city's lost and found website. The mayor, Carlos Negreira, has wryly commented that he would be city's first mayor to ever approach a millionaire to hand them money.

According to Spanish law, the city must make a diligent effort to find the lottery winner within the two-year statute of limitations. After that, the "finder’s keeper" rule applies and the person who retrieved the lost ticket gets the payout.

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