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Mexico Floods: Crocodile on The Lose (VIDEO)



Mexico Floods: Crocodile on The Lose

[caption id="attachment_70563" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Mexico Floods: Crocodile on The Lose Mexico Floods: Crocodile on The Lose[/caption]

Acapulco Mexico Floods Cause Crocodile Infestation

Acapulco, Mexico - heavy rains from Hurricane Ingrid have caused flooding in this popular resort destination leading to property damage and loss of life now number at eighty. In addition, the popular beach destination has a new type of security problem and it isn't just the roving drug gangs combing the neighborhoods; it's crocodiles.

Residents have had trouble enough with drug-related crime, police corruption, widespread looting, knee to waist high water in the streets and now crocodile infestations.

Pictures are emerging of residents fighting back crocodiles and tying them up with anything available including tape. Thus far, there are no reported deaths from the crocodiles.

Authorities believe that as many as 35,000 homes were damaged, but it should be noted that many homes are impoverished and easily susceptible to storm damage. At the time of the hurricane, there were roughly 60,000 tourists that were unable to make it out of the city.

Thus far, only 10% of them have been evacuated and the bulk of them are stranded.

Flights out of Acapulco have resumed but are limited. It was reported that 49 outbound flights occurred on Wednesday. The city continues to remain in a state of chaos.

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Mexico floods: Crocodile stalks the streets of Acapulco

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