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Teacher killed for taking students phone in China



Teacher killed for taking students phone

[caption id="attachment_70639" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Teacher killed for taking students phone Teacher killed for taking students phone[/caption]Middle School Student Murders Teacher for Confiscating Cell Phone

Shanghai, China - 32-year-old chemistry teacher Sun Wukang, who worked at the Linchuan No. 2 Middle School for five years, is dead from having his throat slashed by one of his students. The perpetrator, named Lei, was apparently playing on his cell phone during Mr. Wukang's lesson the day before the incident.

In order to maintain classroom order, Mr. Wukang took the cell phone from the boy for the remainder of the lesson and returned it afterwards. That should have served as a reminder to the youngster to abide basic rules of respect during the classroom. Instead, the boy entered the classroom the following day while his teacher was at his desk grading papers and came from behind him with a knife mortally wounding the instructor in the neck and fleeing the scene.

Another instructor in close proximity heard Mr. Wukang scream and came to his assistance, but it was not possible to undo the trauma. By the time an ambulance crew arrived on the scene, Mr. Wukang had passed away. The boy eventually phoned police and confessed to the crime. He has been taken into custody. A photograph of the crime scene revealed a profuse amount of blood at the scene of the savage attack.

[caption id="attachment_70640" align="aligncenter" width="306"]Murdered: Teacher Sun Wukang was killed by one of his students after taking the youngster's phone Murdered: Teacher Sun Wukang was killed by one of his students after taking the youngster's phone

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