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michigan road rage incident: Two Men Kill Each Other



(Credit: WZZM/ABC News)(Credit: Ionia County Jail)

[caption id="attachment_70746" align="alignright" width="608"](Credit: WZZM/ABC News)(Credit: Ionia County Jail) (Credit: WZZM/ABC News)(Credit: Ionia County Jail)
[/caption]Two Conceal & Carry Men Kill Each Other in Road Rage Incident

Ionia, Michigan - two men have killed themselves in this central Michigan town of just over 11,000 people. According to police, the deaths are classified as being the result of road rage and occurred after a vehicular tailgating incident.

It's not known why the tailgating was occurring, but at some point the two cars pulled into a local car wash's parking lot and that is when the incident turned deadly. Both male drivers had permits to conceal and carry a handgun and each man drew for their weapons. Witnesses say the man tailgating fired his weapon first, but was struck back by the other.

Unfortunately, both men had pretty good aim and in the end both were killed. The men were 56-year-old Robert Taylor and 43-year-ld James Pullam. In the state of Michigan any person older than 21 may obtain a concealed weapons permit with a gun safety course as only other requirement.

Perhaps anger management should be required also as it could have helped to diffuse the situation. If the men did not have permits, they would have been legally obligated to have the guns secured in a special gun case in the vehicle's trunk.

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