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Bear Obeys Bartender When Told To Leave (VIDEO)



Bear Obeys Bartender,

[caption id="attachment_70999" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Bear Obeys Bartender, Bear Obeys Bartender,[/caption]Bear Walks In To A Bar...No Joke

Locals from downtown Juneau got a surprise when a bear suddenly walked in to a popular bar. Even though this sounds like the set up to a lame joke, it actually did catch many Alaskans off guard the other day. There is a bar set up adjacent to the Alaskan Hotel in downtown Juneau. It is a popular location for many people to stop by and just unwind. Apparently, the local bear population has caught on and decided to head here after hours too.

The bar was being run by Ariel Svetlik-McCarthy at the time, who was shocked to see a bear walking in the room. She started to shout at the bear and told it to leave.

Politely, the bear took the message and left without a fight. But it still seemed to rattle some locals, who clearly weren't expecting to see a bear stop by here.

State wildlife officials are keeping a close eye on the current bear population in the Juneau area. Two have already been killed, since they were a nuisance to people in the city. Though they have been spotted in homes before, it is rare for them to pop up in a downtown bar.

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Bear Obeys Bartender's Command, Leaves Juneau Bar

Bear Obeys Bartender,

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