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researchers study chicken nuggets, find disturbing results



[caption id="attachment_71485" align="aligncenter" width="340"]researchers study chicken nuggets researchers study chicken nuggets[/caption]Chicken Nugget Research Study Reveals Disturbing Results

Scientists who recently undertook a study of chicken nuggets served at fast food restaurants came up with some rather disturbing news for chicken nugget lovers. Researchers report that real chicken meat is contained in only one-half of the nugget, with the remainder made up of fat content, blood vessels and nerve cells found in the chicken's organs and skin.

Researchers also discovered upon studying a random chicken nugget purchased from a fast food chain in Mississippi that more than 40 percent of the nugget consisted of chicken muscle rather than meat, with the remaining 60 percent comprised of bone, cartilage and fat.

Many customers automatically think that when they are purchasing chicken nuggets, they will be sitting down to a meal of low-fat white chicken meat that has been batter coated and then fried. But the recent study undertaken at the University of Mississipi at Jackson uncovered the disturbing news that chicken nuggets are actually composed totally of chicken by-products, seasoned with salt, fat and sugar.

Although some fast food companies have already committed to change their recipes so that their customers will in fact be enjoying pure white chicken meat when ordering chicken nugget meals, fast food buyers should beware.

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Researchers Study Chicken Nuggets, Results Make Us Feel Sick

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