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Laboratory Burgers Soon on the Menu?



Even with rising food costs, the thought of a hamburger costing more than a quarter of a million dollars is beyond what anyone can imagine. However, that was the cost of one burger that perhaps should be described as a laboratory specimen.

This first laboratory burger in history made its debut recently in London, where it also apparently passed the taste test. The budget for this artificial patty came to the equivalent of more than $330,000. The goal of this project went beyond the desire to serve lunch, and is instead directed toward attempts to reduce hunger in the world and to protect the environment.

The production of meat used for human consumption takes up land and water, and creates plenty of pollution in the process. This lab burger employed stem cells from real cows that were placed in a nutrient solution. The cells then developed into strands of the muscle tissue that comprises real hamburger meat. Flavoring was accomplished with the use of a number of products, including salt and red beat juice. The development of the burger, which was accomplished in a laboratory at Maastricht University in Holland, took five years.

It may be a while before lab burgers appear at fast food restaurants, but for those who can afford them, lunch may soon be ready! More about the lab burger is available from the site

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