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Wow! Russian Lawmakers To Take Kids From Gay Parents With New Bill



Wow! Russian Lawmakers To Take Kids From Gay Parents With New Bill

[caption id="attachment_71720" align="aligncenter" width="320"]Wow! Russian Lawmakers To Take Kids From Gay Parents With New Bill Wow! Russian Lawmakers To Take Kids From Gay Parents With New Bill[/caption]Proposed Russian Law Would Strip Children from Gay Parents

The Russian Republic is facing a very real population decline. Unless birth rates increase, the Russian nation will shrink in size and influence over the coming generations. This has prompted all manner of blame with homosexual men and women bearing the brunt.

Russia has recently criminalized the teaching of alternative lifestyles (IE homosexuality and transgender) in the presence of a minor with a jail sentence and fine as the punishment. That law also applies to tourists visiting the country.

The latest Russian bill would strip children away from homosexual parents and is reported to have advanced to where it may be voted on by the legislature. The bill is based on the Regnerus study, study which supporters of the bill use to affirm that children of gay parents are at a disadvantage. Besides the questionable science in the report, the study did not actually address the issue of children in gay households.

Vitaly Milonov, co-sponsor of the ‘non-traditional relationships’ propaganda bill, has suggested an amendment to banning same-sex couples from having children.

‘At present, Russian law has a loophole through which members of sexual minorities are allowed to inform children about homosexuality,’ his office said, as translated by GSN.

‘By and large, thanks to surrogacy homosexuals have the ability to inform a child about their lifestyle, values and views on gender roles and relations.’

According to Milonov, gay people would ‘recruit’ children if they were allowed to become parents by ‘breaking their psyche’.

‘It is necessary to amend the Russian law banning the promotion of homosexuality and pedophilia among minors, officially registering a ban on the use of surrogacy for gay men and people with blurred sexual preferences.’

This latest law comes on the heels of Russia's work holiday for people to have sex & get pregnant. Again, it cannot be emphasized enough that Russia's shrinking population is of grave concern to the government. Paired with the government's adherence to the anti-gay teachings of the Russian Orthodox Church and the basis for these laws becomes apparent.

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