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Erin Cox: School Punishes Teen for Driving Drunk Friend Home



[caption id="attachment_71990" align="aligncenter" width="420"]Erin Cox:  School Punishes Teen for Driving Drunk Friend Home Erin Cox: School Punishes Teen for Driving Drunk Friend Home[/caption]

High School Punishes Team Volleyball Captain for Driving Drunk Friend Home


North Andover High School in Massachusetts has stripped its star volleyball player of her title as captain after she drove her intoxicated friend home from a party in early October. Erin Cox, a high school senior at North Andover High School, received a call from a friend a few weeks ago asking for a ride home because she was too intoxicated to drive. Shortly after arriving to pick up her friend, police arrived at the party.

Although police cleared Cox, stating that she was not intoxicated, the school removed her as captain of the volleyball team and suspended her from five games, stating that their school has a zero tolerance policy regarding alcohol and drugs. According to The Huffington Post, the high school senior believed she was doing the responsible thing by going to pick up her friend. Had she allowed her friend to drive herself home, she could've seriously injured herself or someone else.

Cox's family has filed a lawsuit against the school in order to reinstate their daughter as captain.

They believe their daughter did the right thing by going to pick up her friend from the party.
Her mother, Eleanor, says school officials are in the wrong.

"She did what she thought was right and I'm very proud of her," she said.

The school continues to stand behind its decision to punish Cox.


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