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Does Vancouver video prove that UFOs exist?



Video of UFO Sighting at Canadian Baseball Game May Be Proof of Existence fans attending a minor league baseball game at Nat Bailey Stadium between the hometown Vancouver Canadians and the visiting Everett AquaSox were treated to a most rare sighting: a UFO. Was the unidentified flying object a real UFO? The answer is yes and no. It is a UFO in the sense that the object was unidentified and it was flying. The answer is no in the sense that sentient creatures from another planet were not manning the space vessel.

According to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, the object seen by hundreds of fans in attendance was an unmanned drone created by their engineers for the purpose of "punking" the general public. In 2012, there were multiple sightings of UFOs in Canada and this latest sighting was meant to gin up public interest in the newly opened planetarium. In other words, it was a PR stunt.

As far as the stunt goes, the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre reports that attendance has increased by 65% following the UFO sighting and that attendance and the concomitant increase in cash flow is absolutely real. As for the existence of alien life, the general public will have to continue to rely on Hollywood for that proof.

Around the time of the UFO sighting the Vancouver Canadians scored four runs causing some viewers to speculate it was a lucky “cosmic intervention” during the game. The same team went on to win the match with a 5-1 score.According to a report in Open Minds, the UFO was shining blue and was hovering over the right field fence.

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