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Marathon Runner Sets Knitting Record



Marathon Runner Sets Knitting Record

[caption id="attachment_72277" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Marathon Runner Sets Knitting Record Marathon Runner Sets Knitting Record[/caption]

Marathon Runner Knitting Breaks Guinness for Charity

A Graphic Design Professor from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg is nearing his starting line for running the race in the first place.

41 year old David Babcock finished Saturday's Kansas City Marathon in 5:48:27 and broke a Guinness world record for longest scarf knitted while running a marathon. The colorful red, orange, and purple garment came in at a whopping 12', 11/3".

Babcock's mind now is set on another starting line to benefit the Alzheimer's Association. The father of 4 young children has his sights set on reaching the fundraising goal he set in hopes that people will donate to the charity toward Alzheimer's disease research.

David's middle age path toward better health led him to running for fitness. Boredom while crossing the seemingly endless miles led him to try knitting while running.

"A lot of little donations can make a difference, just like doing a marathon: one step - and stitch - at a time," posted the inspiring husband of 17 years and family man, who discovered that combining his pleasure of knitting with his purpose for running gives him more time to spend nurturing a close-knit family.

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