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Chinese Architect Defends ‘Phallic’ Tower (PHOTO)



Chinese architect defends 'phallic'

[caption id="attachment_72824" align="aligncenter" width="570"]Chinese architect defends 'phallic' Chinese architect defends 'phallic' [/caption]Chinese Tower Looks Like a Phallic Object

Set to be completed next May, a building in China is beginning to take on a very buzz worthy shape. To some, the structure resembles a penguin or a chamber pot. To most, the structure is representative of a phallic object. The representative object has spurred vibrant discussion and many around the world find the tower's shape very amusing. Internet commentators have gone as far as to joke that the tower has been designed by enemy forces.

"How come the new Renmin Ribao building looks like a male reproductive organ to me?’ wrote a person with the handle Weed Cat, on Sina Weibo, the microblogging platform.

‘This building is definitely designed by hostile forces abroad. LOL,’ wrote Ben-Quan, using a phrase the party often uses to accuse people overseas, mostly foreigners, of trying to subvert the political system.

‘Americans are so dirty-minded, they can’t even appreciate the elegance of the new People’s Daily building,’ wrote Ding Jisheng. ‘This building embodies the spiritual connotation of our Renmin Ribao,’ the person continued, playing on the Chinese word ‘ri’ which means day, but also sexual intercourse, suggesting the people do with the building what the male reproductive organ is designed to do.

‘Well done! Renmin Ribao. It only costs you five billion renminbi to entertain the entire world,’ wrote Lao Mo.”

The 32-story building which cost £154 was designed by Zhou Qi, a famous Chinese architect. Despite receiving deep criticism Zhou Qi has stated that the ambiguous nature of his design is what represents the beauty of his trade. The creative architect has also stated that the tower's shape is only temporary and the phallic shape will not be preserved when the scaffolding is taken down. He also has pointed out that the sexual interpretation of the building's shape is representatives of a broad social attitude that is prevalent in society.

Upon the towers completion next May, the 150,000 sq. meter complex will be the headquarters of the People's Daily, a famous Chinese newspaper that represents the ideas of the Chinese Communist Party.

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