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Dude Dell Laptops Smell Like Urine



Don't Kick the Cat - Dell Explains Urine Smell in Laptops

Don't go home and kick the cat over the urine smell coming from your Dell laptop. The once vaunted PC maker has issued a statement explaining the cause of the odor on their Dell Latitude 6430u laptops.

Certainly, the reputation of cat urine smelling laptops is not the kind of “street cred” the struggling PC maker wants to have in its bid to regain profitability. (Dell officially became a private company this past Wednesday as part of a leveraged buyout. )

Some of the reactions to the issue were hilarious.

Laptops smell like urine 3

Some user comments were just odd:

Laptops smell like urine 4

Dell now blames a manufacturing process for the smell in some of the laptops. Not all 6430u laptops have the smell. The company claims the smell is not hazardous or in any way organic IE containing actual urine.

Dell also affirmed that all forthcoming 6430u units will not have the smell problem. They also said their engineering team is hard at work for a solution to the smelly units already in the possession of customers. However, it isn't clear why Dell hasn't come up with the one word solution to the pissy-laptops: recall. A voluntary recall would fix the problem for all customers concerned. For now, Dell seems content with their "Don't call us, we'll call you" approach.

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Dell Says Cat Pee Smell In Laptops Is Neither Urine Nor Hazardous

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