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University Employee Louise Silberling sued over “Tiny Penis” Remark



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The old adage that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" remains true to this day at least in the case of Louise Silberling. However, it is doubtful that adage will provide much of a defense for her when she appears as the defendant in a $1.25 million defamation lawsuit.

The attractive Silberling works as the Editorial Associate of the Philosophical Review at Cornell University. Two years ago, Silberling met a professional online in the form of John Wender of the architecture firm Batolone Wender Architects. The romance hit it off immediately, but apparently Wender was only looking for one thing and as soon as he got his fill of it in three dates, he was gone.

"She went to my high school," Wender said to the Daily News. "We only went on three dates. It's affected my life, it's affected my kids' lives. She's insane."

Silberling was heartbroken, but her pain found an avenue in word where she excoriated a former lover in poetic prose who sounds eerily like Wender. While she didn't name him directly, it didn't help her cause that the poems were posted on sites with domain names like "", "", and "". Word to the wise, when anonymously eviscerating a person in prose, don't use their name in the URL. Besides airing his sordid sexual interests in the poems, she called his "manhood" tiny and STD-infested. However, if that were true why would she be so torn up about the breakup?

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