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front yard grave Exhumed in Alabama



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[caption id="attachment_73858" align="aligncenter" width="320"](Associated Press/YouTube) (Associated Press/YouTube)[/caption]Woman's Body Exhumed from Front Yard Grave in Alabama

STEVENSON, ALA.--A woman's body was exhumed from a front yard this past Friday, a grief-stricken shock as friends and relatives watched with horror the bitter culmination of a dispute between over the location of a grave site, reports the New York Daily News.

It was decided that the front yard was not to be the final resting place of Patsy Davis after all, with relatives and husband James watching the exhuming process. Flowers were sitting placidly and symbolically atop the grave, with the front-yard tombstone being a reminder of a husband's dashed dreams.

The casket was inside concrete, so the work crew had to work overtime to hoist the body out of the grave. Relatives actually wept while their mother's body was moved, as if it hurt their very souls. Stevenson just can't allow this kind of burial, apparently, even after relatives' plaintive appeals to make the front yard into a small graveyard for one, said city attorney Parker Edmiston.

“There was a lot said about not having a city ordinance but really, the crucial issue in the case was he failed to follow the state law which sets out a framework for establishing a private cemetery,” Edmiston said.

The exhuming process was over in about 60 minutes. The battle to keep the grave took, however, four long years, with the end coming with a crashing sound of the work crew, the cables, and the machinery. The entire fight lasted about four years, with a number of hearings being held during that period of time.

Jim Davis said he plans to have his wife's remains cremated so she can remain on the property, reports UPI.

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