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twins mimic life in the womb, photographed hugging in the bath



[caption id="attachment_73783" align="aligncenter" width="300"]newborn twins Sonia Rochel newborn twins Sonia Rochel[/caption]The Newborn "Hugging" Twins bring an Astonishing Message says Sonia Rochel their Nurse
Newborn twins are adorable anyway, but the two newborns in France have taken the awe factor off the charts in recent days. The twins just won’t stop hugging, even while being bathed in water. The French nurse, Sonia Rochel, who bathed the two astonishing twins posted the video. The power of a hug is immeasurable, so the message is Hug someone today!

Spain has also reported a pair of twins that will not stop holding hands. In the U.S., in 1995, two premature twins were placed in separate incubators and the younger of the two began to weaken. It was a hospital nurse at the Medical Center of Central Massachusetts-Memorial who broke all rules and placed the twins back together again in one incubator.

The connection was restored between the two newborns. The stronger of the two reached her arm across her sister, and amid the wires, bandages and tubes, the weaker one’s heart was stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.

The way in which premature births are handled in the U.S. has changed dramatically since 1995. Studies from 20 years ago show “co-bedding” or “double bedding” with premature twins brought success when the two could bond as if in the womb.

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