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Twerking on Subway Tracks: Police Investigate Dangerous New Video



Twerking on Subway Tracks

[caption id="attachment_74693" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Twerking on Subway Tracks Twerking on Subway Tracks[/caption]Duo Twerk On NYC Subway Tracks

Twerk may not have made it to Oxford Dictionary this year, taking a distant second place to 'selfie', but twerking is alive and well and now being recorded in the most unusual and outright dangerous places.

A video has surfaced on YouTube showing two women twerking on a New York City subway track. Officials are not certain which specific subway stop this video was shot in. All agree these women risked more than just their rump by being on the nation's busiest subway tracks to shoot such an inane video.

Miley Cyrus brought the twerk into the limelight by sharing her version of the risque dance on MTV's Video Music Awards in August of this year. Since the twerk heard 'round the world, many different renditions of twerking have appeared on YouTube and other popular video sites.

Twerking videos dominate the social media landscape with each new video outdoing the previous. The settings are more outrageous, the cast more unique. Twerking is alive and well, who knows where young twerkers will end up next!

As for the most recent twerking internet sensations, the video of this most recent subway twerk has been submitted to the NYPD for further investigation, MTA officials state.

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twerking on subway tracks

twerking on subway tracks

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