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5 Year Old 10 Stone Or 140LBS, Now UK’s Heaviest



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[caption id="attachment_59275" align="aligncenter" width="592"]12 Students Lose 756 Pounds At SC Boarding School 5 Year Old 10 Stone Or 140LBS, Now UK's Heaviest(Photo Dreamstime)[/caption]Young Girl Becomes UK's Heaviest 5-year-old at 10 Stone

Newport, Wales - A five-year-old girl should be overjoyed when her father comes home and have him lift her up in his arms and sit her on his shoulders. However, for one little girl that was probably not likely to happen unless her father is one mighty strong beefcake. This is because the little girl weighed a whopping ten stone (140 lbs.). The average five-year-old girl should weight 2 stone 7 lbs. (35 lbs.).

The girl's identity remains private, but what is clear is that Child Social Services removed her from her parents care. In their custody, her weight has dropped steadily to 8 stone (112 lbs.). At her peak, she was four pounds shy of 11 stone.

There is concern that health officials didn't spot the problem sooner and intervene on the child's behalf. Day care center workers must surely have noticed her weight problem and should have reported it to social services.

Conservative councillor Tom Suller told The Daily Mail: ‘It’s a sad sign of the times. It’s really terrible that a child can end up this way.

‘There are a lot of obese parents out there and their children are ending up exactly the same way.

‘There are other children in this sort of state – it’s a ticking time bomb. A lot of people just think, “I’ll get a KFC tonight and McDonald’s tomorrow”. They don’t consider the consequences.’

A Newport Council spokesman said: ‘The wellbeing of children and young people is of paramount importance and at the heart of all the work that is done by our children’s services department.
‘It would be inappropriate to comment further on this case in the best interests of the child.’

While it is clear that social services is trying to help, it appears as a given that there are eyes watching children and if their condition does not satisfy the expected norm, Child Social Services will be investigating with the full authority to remove children from their parents’ custody.

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