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rape victim kicked off team at University of Connecticut



Victim of Rape Kicked Off Team

It is not uncommon for players to be removed fr[caption id="attachment_76347" align="aligncenter" width="654"]rape victim kicked off team rape victim kicked off team[/caption]om sports teams in college, but in instances of rape the situations are intriguing.

A woman who says he she was raped by a male hockey player at the University of Connecticut in August of 2011 was kicked off of the school hockey team and is now joining a federal civil rights lawsuit against the school. The lawsuit goes with the accusations that the school did not take proper steps in dealing with sexual assaults and even states the the victim in question was told to transfer schools by her coach due to the fact that she would not be "stable enough" and would "bring the team down."

Additionally, the attorney alleges in the case that the school did little to nothing, as far as effectively dealing with the situation. Supposedly, officials did not encourage the victim to remain in school or even call the police so that the school could hold a hearing on it.

Even worse is that there are an additional four women, some who are graduates, who originally brought up this lawsuit, who feel the school did nothing to protect them or investigate the sexual complaints.

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rape victim kicked off team

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