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Candlestick Park Arrests: Fans With Sticky Fingers Arrested



49ers Fans Busted Trying to Steal Souvenirs from Candlestick Park
Candlestick Park has long been known for being windy, cold, and the former home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team and now the 49ers football team. The 49ers played their final game in the stadium which will not only be vacated, but will actually be demolished.

One fan of the team arrived from El Paso, Texas. His wife had bought tickets to the team's farewell game as a gift. He admitted that he didn't shed a single tear at his own wedding, but he might actually shed tears as the team wraps up its farewell game. Obviously, he is not a romantic. The festivities abounded in the parking lot with the tailgating parties and barbeques. A sold out crowd got a real Christmas treat: San Francisco earned a playoff berth. The 49ers won 34-24 against the Atlanta Falcons. However, it wasn't all fun and games. Some fans had a mind to collect more curious souvenirs of the stadium such as the stadium seats. Admittedly, why leave the seats there to get blown up? A football stadium seat has long been a quality item to have in a man cave. The police did not agree and arrested 30 people on suspicion of theft.



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