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Elephant kills keeper Vietnam, Crushes Zookeeper With Trunk



[caption id="attachment_76431" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Elephant kills keeper Vietnam, Crushes Zookeeper With Trunk Elephant kills keeper Vietnam, Crushes Zookeeper With Trunk[/caption]Elephant Crushes Zookeeper in Vietnam

A Vietnamese zookeeper died Monday after being crushed by a two ton elephant. Doan Huu Tai, 27, was attacked by the Elephant who grabbed him with his trunk and slammed him into a water tank. According to Vietnamnet the man attempted to slip into the cage to paint a fence. The Dai Nam tourist area, where the incident occurred is located in the Binh Dong province.

Vietnamese state media reported that the keeper was rushed to a hospital, but died from his injuries.

The keeper was said to be well known to the elephant, named Ka, who has been living in the zoo since 2008. The keepers reported that the animal had been very gentle in the past, and had been taught to perform for zoo visitors. The elephant was placed in isolation following the incident. According to Vietnamese officials this was not the first incident at the zoo. In 2009 a tiger went on a rampage killing one man and injuring two others before being killed.
In the United State in October, 2013 a Springfield Missouri zookeeper, John Phillip Bradford, was killed in a similar incident when he was crushed to death by an elephant named Patience.


Elephant kills keeper Vietnam


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