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python attack at bali hotel



[caption id="attachment_76517" align="aligncenter" width="556"]python attack at bali hotel python attack at bali hotel[/caption]Python Kills Security Guard

Security guards have to face a lot of issues, but the job description doesn't typically involve going up against ball pythons. At the Hyatt hotel in Bali, Indonesia that's exactly what happened, with tragic results.

According to eyewitness testimony the guard in question was attempting to capture a ball python on the road outside the Hyatt hotel in Bali. The confrontation led to the guard being strangled by the python, which escaped after it had taken the man's life. The body has since been released to the family and the hotel has expressed its condolences for the family's loss.

The Hyatt in question is closed at the moment, and under construction until 2015. All further details regarding the attack and the animal in question have been referred to the local authorities.

The police have yet to comment on the attack, or on the search for the snake in question, however.

No warnings have been issued either, which could mean that this incident is an isolated attack rather than something to raise public awareness about. No special precautions have been taken by the hotel, and management appears to have passed the issue on up the chain to wash its hands.

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